Peaceful Behaviour

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(school-based peer-mediated conflict resolution)

CAP Santé Outaouais began its involvement in promoting peaceful behaviour in elementary schools in 1996. The program, begun as a pilot project, was based on a program called “Vers le pacifique”, developed by the Mariebourg Centre in Montreal North. It is now offered in all (French) schools in the Outaouais region.

What is the Program About?

The Peaceful School/ Peace Project, an original program developed in partnership with CAP Santé Outaouais to promote peaceful behaviour in elementary grades, is designed to help youth resolve interpersonal problems. The program is fully integrated into the life of the school.

Philosophy of the Program

Interpersonal conflicts are neither good nor bad. It is when they are not properly resolved that they can lead to acts of verbal or physical violence or to social withdrawal. Conflicts can be a source of learning and can help children know themselves better, communicate better and change their ways of behaving.

Program Structure

The program consists of two parts, spread over the school year. The first part consists of awareness training workshops in class groups for all students. In the second part students are selected for training and form a team of peer mediators. A mediator becomes the “third party”, a facilitator who helps quarelling parties to bridge their differences and arrive at a solution acceptable to both sides.

Who are the Peer Mediators?

Peer mediators are students from grades 4, 5, and 6. They are volunteers and are chosen by their peers because they are good listeners, neutral, involved and discreet, and because they project a positive image. They receive 12 hours of training in both theory and practice given outside of school hours.

How can the Program be Implemented in Schools?

In either of two ways:

  • By contracting with the consulting services of CAP Santé Outaouais. The consulting services include training activities for school personnel as well as organizational and technical support at the school throughout the implementation and organization of the program. The participating school sets up an organizing committee to coordinate the project. (A fee applies.)
  • By using the program handbook, Au coeur des conflits, faire une différence!.

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