Become a member of CAP Santé


Aussi disponible en français / Also available in French

The centre for health promotion activities in the Outaouais is a community organization with the mission of promoting wellness and improving health among persons and groups. At CAP Santé Outaouais, we encourage people in the community to become involved in improving the quality of life and wellness. The approach we favour seeks to strengthen personal and social skills and promote the development of a social network.


When a person becomes a member of CAP Santé Outaouais, at the annual general meeting of members, he or she can:

  • Take part in setting the orientations of the group;
  • Elect members to the board of directors;
  • Approve financial statements;
  • Propose and accept amendments to by-laws;
  • Receive and approve the reports of the board of directors.

If you want to become a member call us at (819) 771-2277
or toll-free 1-800-363-0718